Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fall Conference--Alice Volkert

To give our readers a little tease of what is to come at our fall conference we will be featuring lecturers and their topics over the next few weeks. Don't forget to register at

Alice Volkert -- Digital Cameras for Genealogists
The digital camera can be one of your most valued research tools. It can help you effectively acquire records and preserve documents, cut your reproduction costs greatly, achieve more with your available time and have more FUN!  It need not require a bunch of expensive equipment! (Beginner to Advanced)

Alice Volkert -- Secret Census
Everyone talks about and uses the Federal Census; the ones that are enumerated every ten years.  But! There are other census out there! Learn how you can discover more about your ancestors by searching these less-well-known census.

Alice Volkert --  "Do It Backwards": Finding Descendants First
Discuss researching descendants of someone.  Usually we do not do that!!!  But sometimes there is a good reason for doing just that! Finding some other descendant who may have that vital piece of information that can provide the clue or source that breaks through that brick wall! (Intermediate to Advanced)

Alice Volkert -- Record Keeping Methods
Explore the popular methods for keeping order from becoming chaos as our research produces lots of paper to treasurer and store.  If your current plan isn’t working, learn about some others. (Beginner to Advanced)

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