Sunday, January 16, 2011

UGA Names 2010 Silver Tray Awardee

UGA's Silver Tray award is given "for Scholarly Contributions to the Field of Genealogy. Since 1988 it has traditionally been given for publications efforts." In 2010 we recognized Thomas W. Jones for his efforts in writing and publishing scholarly articles and most especially for editing the NGSQ and allowing the rest of us to learn from the excellent research of top-tier researchers.

Friends and colleagues agree with UGA President Janet Hovorka when she said he is a gentleman and a scholar:

"I would say what a pleasure it is to work with Tom. I've had many opportunities to work with him on various projects and always appreciate and enjoy the experience. Though we're not on the same "genealogical plane" he always makes me feel as though we are. His generous spirit is only one of the assets that make him a leader in our profession, and a friend." --Claire Bettag

Pam Sayre writes, "Tom Jones is the consumate professional, but even more important, he is a good man. He supports others' work, reaching down to pull "newbies" up through education and mentoring. He never has a bad word to say about anyone, and he donates countless hours of time for every paid hour of work he performs in the field of genealogy."

And Rick Sayre writes, "Dedication and professionalism define Tom. He has advanced the study of family history through his innovative teaching and writing. He is the best of the best!"

Thank you, Tom. We so appreciate your contributions to the field of genealogy.

UGA Board of Directors

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  1. Had the pleasure of hearing Mr. Jones speak in the Irish Family Research course ~ interesting, informative, passionate about genealogy, and so willing to share his knowledge. The lecture was a delight and gave all of us plenty of "food for thought."