Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tuesday at SLIG: old things new

I know it's a good genealogy day when I'm seeing supposedly familiar things in a new light:

* indirect evidence (we won't go there, but it kept me up late!),

* the value of fraud and failure (they generated records!),

* federal records (I appreciate being encouraged to take another run at these fantastically underutilized sources, and I'm sure I'll need more),

* how to augment a lecture with chewy treats, and

* my great-great grandfather (who was 25 years old in 1834, and evidently didn't care any more for Andrew Jackson than I do).

When you're picking an institute to attend, it's not hard to evaluate the faculty -- if nothing else, most people know them. It's harder to evaluate the students ahead of time, but it's important, if only because the greatest faculty in the world can only do so much with people who don't get it or aren't ready. SLIG is full of fellow students who do and who are. "So many people, so few meals."

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