Friday, January 21, 2011

Accepting SLIG Course Proposals.

The Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy Director and the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy Advisory Committee are now accepting proposals for course coordinators for future SLIG courses.

The SLIG Advisory Committee will meet this year:
10am Tuesday February 1st 2011
10am Tuesday May 3rd 2011
10am Tuesday August 2nd 2011
10am Tuesday November 1st 2011
The deadlines for submitting proposals to be considered at each meeting are 5 days before the meeting.

The SLIG Advisory Committee can accept proposals anytime, but of course we want to solidify course schedules as early as possible so that students can plan ahead and we can publicize well and fill the courses with students. After the SLIGAC makes their recommendations, the final decision authority rests with the SLIG director and the UGA board as per UGA's policies and procedures. This vetting process, as has been set up in the UGA Policies and Procedures manual, will ensure that only the best courses are offered at the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy.

Please contact UGA President Janet Hovorka at janet(at) or SLIG director Adele Marcum at marcum(at) for further information and a copy of the suggested proposal outline.

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