Monday, November 22, 2010

Give Thanks to Your Ancestors

November is the time of year Americans give thanks. People give thanks for their family, jobs, health, this great country and even their ancestors.

Have you taken the time this month to think about the many things your ancestors did to make you who and where you are today? The sacrifice many of our ancestors made were incredibly difficult and extensive.

As I have researched my genealogy over the years I have found multiple ancestors that gave everything and sacrificed everything just so they could make their families lives better.

Many other bloggers out there have been expressing their thanks towards their ancestors as well. Check out these great blog posts by other genealogy bloggers!

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by Thomas MacEntee

Turkey and Tradition
by Alisha Martin
Kentucky Historical Society

Thanksgiving Greeting: November 21, 1909
by TJL Genes

Thanksgiving 1942
by John Newmark

The First Thanksgiving was Held Where?
Dick Eastman

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