Monday, October 25, 2010

More UGA Banquet Pictures

Thanks to everyone for a great time with good friends.
And thank you very much to Sue Maxwell's (our newest board member) husband Paul for the wonderful picture taking.
Michael Helmantoler, Mark Lowe, Debbie Gurtler, Russ Lynch, Colleen Lynch, Joan Healey

Howard Bybee, Adele Marcum

Jim Hasleton, Karen Christensen, Elaine Hasleton, Wilma Adkins

Jenille Ivory, Luana Darby, A.C. Ivory

Diana Olsen, Julie Haynie, Kathy Palmer
Terry and Hope , Pat Carpenter

Thomas MacEntee, Renee Zamora, Marlene Nielson, Vic Nielsen

Kimberly Powell and Thomas MacEntee

Deanna Ouimette, David Ouimette

Lisa Arnold, Kim Harrison

Jeff Baylock, Joan Healey, Maren Jeppsen

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  1. Looks like it was a lovely (and fancy!) event. Thanks for sharing pictures of it.